Giving back to Schools

A rewarding fundraiser that students will feel connected to

Students of any age can gain a richer understanding of their world by learning about the unique habitat and communities of Peru's coffee lands while they raise critical funds for their school community. Because Green Awakening only distributes its products through school programs, we are 100% focused on your school and committed to making your fundraising a success.

When you sign up your school for the Green Awakening Giving Back program, you will:
  • Offer a popular, desirable product to those who participate in the fundraiser
  • Give your students a chance to benefit families in Peru's coffee growing regions
  • Help preserve the native tree canopy for one of the world's most exotic and beautiful bird populations
  • Open the chance for ongoing revenue from future online orders

Every school that enrolls gets a dedicated Green Awakening advisor who will help you make your fundraising successful: please contact us today with any questions or to get started.