How the seed was planted

When a school or an organization signs up to participate in the Giving Back program, they have the chance to raise funds for their programs as well as to support ecologically sustainable, fair trade coffee farming communities in Peru.

It all began over a cup of coffee between two old friends. That day, an idea for an ethical food organization was formed: small farmers would become partners and benefit directly from the sale of coffee that, at the same time, would contribute to the consumers’ community by providing fundraising opportunities to local institutions.

This is the reason the fine coffee available through Green Awakening is fair trade certified, organic, and shade grown: because we believe efforts that benefit all parties are the most rewarding.


Our mission

  • Provide a premium high quality organic and fair trade certified coffee
  • Create awareness in our new business model and our brand by satisfying our consumers
  • Passionately give back to people and earth while generating a profit.